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Turbo dryer ctd 60 is precisely engineered machine to decrease the moisture content of the material. It is especially designed to provide maximum heat transfer to obtain desired moisture content for the material. Machine provides rapid drying in a single operation. Our dryers conforms the GMP standards.

Big feeding hopper makes easy entry of the raw material. Machine is provided with screw conveyor. The conveying line includes insulated drying column, which help to save heat and energy.

Wet material is conveying through the conveying line with hot air. Temperature of air is set according to moisture level of material. Remaining moisture is evaporating by an open wheel centrifugal fan. Then material is conveyed to cyclone. The material discharge through air tap duct. The material after drying contains 15% moisture content.


  • Moisture evaporating capacity 450 Kg/Hr.
  • Output 1500 Kg/Hr
  • Maximum input moisture 35%
  • Outlet moisture 15%
  • Centrifugal fan motor 15 HP
  • Vibrating screen  2 HP
  • Screw conveyor motor 2 HP


  • No wastage of material
  • Rapid drying
  • For 50% moisture level of material, 500°-550°c temperature is required.
  • With 50% input and 14% output of sugarcane baggase, CTD dryer give an output of approx. Kgs/hr.

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