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Like our model super 65, supreme 75 model is also two in one model, which convert agro waste in to powdery form and then it is apply to be processed to make bio-mass briquettes. Machine is provided with hammer mill to cut down and crush raw material in powdery form. Different types of agro waste used as the raw material like sugarcane baggasse, groundnut shell,saw dust and rice husk are used. Forestry waste and crop residue are also used to produce high density briquettes.

Production capacity of machine is varies with raw material used. With different raw materials, it gives output ranges from 600 Kgs/hr to 950 Kgs/hr approximately. Its production capacity is also depends upon the moisture content of the raw material.

Cylindrical and finished bio-mass briquettes are made by processing the powder. Machine works with medium to high capacity. It gives the output with the range of 750-1000 kg/hr.

Supreme 75 model is highly preferable by many of our clients, who are satisfied with the production capacity of this model and not wish to invest for our exclusive model, JUMBO BRQ 9075. Operative friendly model of supreme 75 model is vibration free and sturdy model especially made to work 24 hours a day. This efficient machine provides output of cylindrical, finished bio-mass briquettes.


  • Production capacity 800-1000 kgs/hr
  • Finished product size 75 mm diameter
  • Finished briquette length 100 mm to 200 mm
  • Finished product shape cylindrical
  • Raw material form powdery
  • Process cost/MT(approx) IRS. 650 to 700/-


  • For binder less briquetting, briquetting pressure is 1200 kg/cm2
  • Moisture contents 8-12 %
  • Input bulk density 140 to 200 kg/m3

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