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The first model developed by us that set off our journey of technological excellence and innovation is SUPER-65 MODEL. This model is supported by Hammer mill to convert raw material into powder form before it is processed to produce bio-mass briquettes. This model is best suitable for achieving medium production capacity with minimum capital expenditure.

Production Capacity : 700-850 Kgs /Hr Depends on raw material
Finished product Size : 65mm Diameter
Briquette Length : 100mm To 200 mm
Finished Product Shape : Cylindrical
Raw – Material Size Powdery
Procss Cost/Mt (Approx.) : IRS.600 to 750/-
Electricity / Power
Required power connection 80 HP / 60 KW machine with powder mill
Practical used Amp. Load 72 –83 Amp (Approx)
Power consumption 50 –55 Units / Hr.


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