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Briquetting press

What is Briquettes Press?

Briquettes Press, is also named as biomass briquette machine, which is used to produce various shapes of briquettes. Raw materials like farm waste biomass like saw dust, weeds, rice straw, wheat straw, corn stalk, peanut seedling, bean stalk, leaves etc.

What is Briquette Press Machine?

The machine which is used to recycle Biomass waste into High Calorific Fuel Briquettes is known as Briquette Press Machine. For briquetting, we can use agricultural and Forest Waste with a maximum moisture content of 8-12 %. Further the biomass waste having higher moisture is dried and moistures content is reduced to 25% in Flash Dryer and above 25 – 50% is in Rotary Drum dryer and with the help of Hopper we can pulverized to small particles with hammer mill grinder and fed to briquetting press. Briquette are Extruded continuously and cut to required length with the help of Cutter. We, at Jay Khodiyar provide you the high performance machines feature a sturdy construction, which guarantees constant briquette-quality in continuous operation.

briquettingpress manufacturerBriquetting press is used to produces high density bio-mass briquettes from agro waste, forestry waste and crop residue. These agro wastes are converted to powdery form, and then applied further to the briquetting press.

Machine is provided with vertical feeder containing gear box, motor and hopper. Hoper is used to feed material. Machine is also provided with independently driven screw, which propels material to the press. Material is compressed in taper die to make uniform, cylindrical briquettes. It is also called ‘white coal’. Control panel is used for the uninterrupted production procedure.

Briquetting press is working on the binder less technology. In this binder less process lignite content of raw material converted into liquid due to heat and pressure. The liquid content acts as binder. No external source of binding is necessary to form the bio-mass briquettes. No chemicals are used for this process.

Applications of Briquette Press

Boilers (Sugar mills, paper mills, chemical plants, Cement, food processing units, oil extraction units etc.) using fuel for steam generation and heating.
Forges and Foundries For metal heating and melting.
Brick kilns and Ceramic Units For firing of furnaces.
Residential Heating For winter heating in cold areas and in restaurants, canteens etc.
Gasification The gas can be used to generate power, and eventually replace coal based producer gas systems and oil firing in furnaces.
Agriculture Heating Green houses, Nurseries and Chicken coops.

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