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Jay Khodiyar Group

JAY KHODIYAR GROUP is the best leading manufacturer & supplier of Biomass Briquetting Plant in Rajkot, Gujarat. Our firm is recognized and ongoing their business in 1994 from small foundation. We provide best solution to the clients for efficient fuel requirements and also assemble Biomass Briquettes with extreme precision at our Biomass Briquetting Plant. We are an ISO 9001-2008 & CE certified company with many satisfied customers locally and worldwide. We offer high quality Biomass Briquettes to furnish the wide requirements of the clients.

JAY KHODIYAR GROUP, founded in 1994, by a visionary entrepreneur, Mr. Sanjay Tilala, has been a venture that has put Gujarat on a global map. Thanks to our path breaking innovative technology, we have been leaving a green foot print across the national and global industrial landscape. From the days of manufacturing of Ram type Briquetting press of pneumatic and mechanical type to our present range of bio-mass briquetting plants reflects our fierce dedication to creating products that inspires growth through environmental awareness.

Briquetting Press

We offer to our clients a superior quality machinery product in our Briquetting Press. It is fabricated using premium quality of raw materials. These are manufactured with utmost precision by our expert professionals, who hold years of experience in their deigning and development. Our Briquetting Press is a technology to convert all types of agriculture and industrial waste into solid fuel. It is an eco-friendly solid biofuel which helps to reduce pollution, contributing to greener environment and save worthy foreign exchange.

  • Our goal leads to updating technology in machine tool arena and thus promoting the console and intensification to the existence of human life.
  • Strive always to be measured as the major scale contributor to the society economically and culturally.
  • Devoting to the evolution of technology through scientific brilliance and innovations.Making life as a festive to all those who are linked with us.
  • Providing refined working environment and pursue to be the mainly preferred organization to work with.
  • Contributing immensely in economic growth of the nation.
  • As one of the leading and dedicated technology contributor globally. We would be exploring our everlasting possibilities in the Global Arena of Machine Tools.
  • Inventiveness would be a nano seconds word to bring ourselves among the world pinnacle in technology, industry and business.
  • Every Domestic and Global major cities will have our hi-tech-centers to literate, proliferate and create consciousness about updated technology.

We have world class production setup, which is equipped with all facilities requisite for briquetting production. The production facility is located in Rajkot – Samrat Industrial Area, Street No.2, Gondal Road, Rajkot-360004 (Gujarat), INDIA which provides immense depth in terms of product delivery. The plant is well-connected with National Highways, International Sea-routes and Railway Networks.

We have a team of well-versed and qualified professionals, who perpetually work to complete entire production orders within the scheduled time. Through regular training workshops and interactive sessions, we keep the production skills of our workforce enhanced.

Briquettes are prominently recognized as White Coal. This Fuel is used as an ideal replacement for coal, wood logs, husk and other conventional fuels for heating steam generation. The command of white coal has emerged from the deficiency of predictable fuels like coal, oil, wood, etc. As an appropriate obligation of pollution free environment, this product has a huge scope of marketing. The briquettes can be used as a substitute of any fuel in different fields. The shortage of this conventional fuel is increasing day by day; thus it indicates a golden future for alternative fuel.

Our Research & Development of Briquetting Plant is actively occupied in delegate new Biomass Briquetting and compacting applications. Our main focus is on the development of micro-enterprise-based briquetting technologies. The major residues are rice husk, coffee husk, coir pith, jute sticks, groundnut shells, mustard stalks and cotton stalks. We have designed and developed of a wide range of sustainable technologies in renewable energy. We serve our clients with honesty while following ethical business policies and believe in building long term relationship with the clients. We provide the services to our clients, where they would be able to first test their raw materials and then move forward with the procedure.

We are the best manufacturer and exporter of Biomass Briquette Plant and Briquetting Press Machinery. We assured our esteemed clients in providing world class quality products like: Jumbo Briquette Machine, Crusher cum Shredder, Power Making Unit of Briquetting Press because we are the pioneer in launching Turbo Dryer of Biomass Briquetting for the first time in India in 1994. Our highly trained engineering and service staff has many years of experience, working with our customer’s vast array of applications and process needs. Our corporation is looking for Business Partners for Briquetting Plant in America, Australia, England, France, Japan etc. countries.

Our Company is committed to provide the finest quality Briquetting machines, which conform to the international quality standards. Therefore, we apply strict quality checking systems and testing procedures. Our Quality Control & Assurance department keeps a strict procedure on the entire manufacturing processes right from purchase of raw materials to the shipment of finished goods. Our quality is surrounded into our work culture. We have been able to build our business strong and our products strength and durable, only through a persistent commitment to quality control. All components and materials go through standard testing before entering production. With strict monitoring at every step of the process, quality at JAY KHODIYAR GROUP is but another way of life.


What is Briquette Press Machine?

The machine which is used to recycle Biomass waste into High Calorific Fuel Briquettes is known as Briquette Press Machine. For briquetting, we can use agricultural and Forest Waste with a maximum moisture content of 8-12 %. Further the biomass waste having higher moisture is dried and moistures content is reduced to 25% in Flash Dryer and above 25 – 50% is in Rotary Drum dryer and with the help of Hopper we can pulverized to small particles with hammer mill grinder and fed to briquetting press. Briquette are Extruded continuously and cut to required length with the help of Cutter. We, at Jay Khodiyar provide you the high performance machines feature a sturdy construction, which guarantees constant briquette-quality in continuous operation.

What is Briquettes Press?

Briquettes Press, is also named as biomass briquette machine, which is used to produce various shapes of briquettes. Raw materials like farm waste biomass like saw dust, weeds, rice straw, wheat straw, corn stalk, peanut seedling, bean stalk, leaves etc.

Categories of Briquette Press

briquettingpress manufacturer

Mechanical Stamping Briquette Press

The mechanical stamping briquette press strikes the raw material by the advance and return movement of high frequency piston. Being the struck for several times, the raw material becomes solid and hard, and finally forms briquettes to be discharged from the stock mould. The offered briquette press is easy to operate and has high productivity which is even suitable for all industrial use.

Screw Briquette Machine

The offered screw briquette machine can make loose biomass raw material into hollow briquettes by the high temperature and high pressure formed through the function of screw extruder and heating ring. Further this machine had low cost and high capacity of complete plant, which is suitable for charcoal making factories or small scale briquette making industries.

Hydraulic Briquette Press

Jay Khodiyar offering a wide range of qualitative Hydraulic Briquettes Press, which is highly appreciated among our clients. The offered hydraulic briquette press adopts hydraulic power, which is environmental friendly and easy to operate. Its productivity is suitable for furniture factory or small scale tourist farm use.

Main Material used for Biomass Briquetting

Groundnut Shell

Groundnut Shell is having low moisture content and ash content, which makes it an excellent material for fuel briquetting. As the countries like India, Senegal, Nigeria and America are well-known for groundnuts.

Cotton Stalks

Corn Stalks are also treated as another good resource for making the biomass briquette. You can avail abundant quantity of cotton stalks in countries like America, India, Egypt, and Uzbekistan.

Mustard Stalks

Like the Cotton Stalks the Mustard Stalks are also treated as an appropriate material for biomass briquetting. Mustard plant is more common in India, Canada, UK, Demark and US.

Coconut Shell

The coconut shell is available with moisture content of 10% and this material is available in the coffee growing areas with low ash.


For making the bagasse the pith briquette, the drying process is necessary as the moisture content upto 50%. Further the residues have a correspondingly high heating value and low ash content.


Further, corn stalk, rice husk, wheat straw, wheat shell, wheat bran, bean stalks, cotton stalks, decoction dregs, branches, leaves, wood shavings, dry grass and household garbage.

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